Quantitative Technological Expertise

Three core quantitative technological expertise needed to address the challenges are as follows:

  • Computational and modeling strategies at the molecular and macromolecular scale will direct and guide experimental design and interpretation of the results providing a feedback loop between theory and experiments
  • The tool-set from micro- and nanotechnology such as contact printing of biomolecules, generation of chemo-mechanical gradients, and fabrication of 2 and 3-dimensional micro/nanostructures for constructing novel scaffolds will be critical to controlling the environmental communication with the cells
  • State of the art multi-model imaging technologies such as single molecule fluoroscopy, atomic force microscopy, etc. are needed to probe and monitor the state of cells at the molecular, and cellular scale.

The integration of these key research themes (biology driven) and cores (technology driven) resulting in multiple multi-disciplinary teams provide an excellent array of projects for the IGERT fellows to choose from.