Research Examples

The research projects undertaken by CMMB IGERT Trainees and participating faculty will have potential impact and application in areas such as tissue and regenerative medicine and engineering, cellular and molecular medicine, mechanobiology, neuroscience, biosensing and actuation, cellular factories, and synthetic biology.


Silicon Probe  

Micro and Nanotechnology for Cell Mechanics Studies

Silicon probe to measure cell mechanical properties (left), stereo-lithography to build a model of arterial branching structures (middle), and PEG structure (right).


MD simulation  

Computations at Molecular Scale

Nanosecond MD simulations of tetrameric GlpF in a hydrated patch of POPE lipid bilayer characterized the complete pathway of substrate conduction in the channel (Jansen 2001).



Spine formation  

Growth, Development and Regeneration – Sub-cellular to Intercellular Scales

Analysis of spine formation in hippocampal neurons for use in substrate-engineered micro environments.

3-D reconstruction of an immature rat hippocampal neuron @ 11 days in vitro (DIV) reveals collateral
filopodia, markers of immature spines on developing dendrites.

Sequential image stacks enable 3-D cell reconstruction for quantitative analyses of filopodial size and branchpoints (10µm grid).



CCD image  

Single Molecule Imaging

CCD image of a single Cy3 molecule.

The width is ~250 nm, but the center can be located to within w/(S/N) where S/N = signal to noise.

The S/N is ~√N, where N = total number of photons; N = 104 making the centers uncertainty ± 1.3 nm
(Yildiz, Science, 2003).