The educational goals of the CMMB IGERT is to train the next generation of researchers and educators in the interdisciplinary area of cellular and molecular mechanics and bio-nanotechnology, and to build a community of faculty, PhD students, REU students, international researchers, and colleagues from industry and national labs to collaborate on education and research. We expect that this new generation of educators and researchers will be knowledgeable in biology and engineering, and in science and technology, and will have developed a network of resources (people, facilities, international connections) that will benefit them in their future career.

Key Objectives

  • Teach students with life science background a core set of physical sciences/engineering concepts and principles (with a focus on technology and methods), and those with physical sciences/engineering background a core in cell and molecular biology
  • Expose all students to the research tools in biology and engineering related to cellular and molecular mechanics, including experimental, and computation
  • Offer students the opportunity to learn the skills that will be crucial in their future career development
  • Create an environment that empowers the students to play a leadership role in the IGERT
  • Enriching the students’ learning by enrolling them in international collaborative research programs

Educational activities are designed to create an environment in which IGERT students can achieve the above objectives with guidance from co-advisors in diverse fields in their research.

Technical Courses

Computational and Experimental Analytic Approches to Biological Systems, Spring 2013

Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics, Fall 2012

BioNanotechnology and Nanomedicine: Applications in Cancer and Mechanobiology, Fall 2012

Advanced Cell Biology, Spring 2012

Experimental Methods for Biological Machines, Spring 2012

Stem Cell Engineering, Spring 2012

BioNanotechnology and Nanomedicine: Applications in Cancer and Mechanobiology, Fall 2011

Neuroethology (Integrative Neuroscience), Martha Gillette, Co-PI, Fall 2011

The Cell as a Machine, Michael Sheetz, Co-PI (Columbia University), Fall 2011

Cytoskeletal Organization, Martha Gillette, Co-PI, Spring 2011

Cell Biology for Engineers

Mechanics for Biologists

Advanced Course in BioNanotechnology

Planned Life/Career Courses




Industry Environment


Patent and IP

Science and Technology Policy