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Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Lab Rotations for New Students


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The Trainee Experience

The CMMB IGERT aims to provide a highly interdisciplinary environment to empower trainees to become leaders in cellular and molecular mechanics and bionanotechnology. Trainees will:

  • Learn core concepts in your complementary field through lab rotations in your first semester, co-advisement, a proposed two-track curriculum, and an introductory course in BioNanotechnology and Nanomedicine
  • Be required to attend a hands-on laboratory experience during the Summer Institute, held the summer before your first semester of grad school at Illinois, focused on the basics of biological and engineering/physical science experimental methods
  • Have an opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills through the Student Leadership Council, Seminar Series, and the Annual Symposium
  • Earn a $30,000 over 12 months (for up to two years) and a tuition waiver


Becoming a Trainee

Students beginning the last year of their undergraduate degree should contact the CMMB IGERT Program Manager to discuss their research interests and should mention the CMMB IGERT in their Statement of Purpose when applying to their respective departments.

Current UIUC students should discuss the CMMB IGERT with their adviser. Faculty will be notified
when proposals are being accepted for the coming academic year.